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An experiment with Slider

While my apple trees have a fair bit of growing to do before they produce anything meaningful, there are some damsons and sloes in the wood. These had a bumper year last year. As a result, we filled numerous empty jars with sloes or damsons, sugar, and vodka or gin.  The sloe vodka is my favourite, especially when added to a glass of fizzy wine as a slightly superior Kir Royal. So far, so good. The question is, when decanted, what to do with the booze-soaked berries? The damsons make a mean crumble when mixed with some apples or are delicious covered with molten chocolate and chucked in the fridge. The sloes are a different beast all together as they are pretty revolting as fruit. Hunting around on the web we discovered a recipe for sloe sherry , so got a jar of this on the go, and then thought about trying sloe cider - or slider. Recipe as follows: 1. Half fill a jar with sozzled berries and top up with cider 2. Leave for about 4 weeks shaking from time to time We cracked it