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Year 9- less is hopefully more

This year marked a year of change. Although the wood is in Devon, we've been living in south London, spending long evenings chasing the sunset down the A303 to pick apples and rack tanks. This summer we packed our bags and moved west to a house on the edge of Bath. This means the trees are closer and we're closer to the trails and paths of the countryside. It's also led to a couple of new stockists, big thanks to the Bath Cider House and Larkhill Butchers. The deer got most of the fruit in the orchard this year so although I was able to bottle some Ortgeard from our '22 picking there will not be a '23 vintage. However we did manage to get to a lovely orchard on the edge of Dartmoor this autumn full of Dabinett and Michelin apples, meaning we'll have a small batch of '23 Dablin. The weather has been weirdly warm this winter which is not great for the trees. They need a set number (about 1000) 'chill hours' of temperatures between 0 and 7 degrees, thi

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