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Apple day 2012

Okay, I'm a bit late. I've not been very good at posting. Apple day has been and gone. This year I have  failed to produce a drop of cider. The trees that were so productive last year yielded dribs and drabs. While we were turning apples down last year, this summer I found my self squinting up at the leaves (often through the rain) trying to make out 1 or 2 apples growing on the branches. Apparently this has been the worst harvest for 30 years, particularly in Devon. On the plus side, my 22 trees have all grown a fair bit.  They're a bit young to be producing anything yet so i assume this is as good a time as any for something like this to happen. I feel for someone on a year like this who actually does this for a living. I spent apple day in hospital this year  being a back rubber and  useless provider of empty platitudes while my wife gave birth to our daughter. Life is great, if a bit sleep deprived. There'll be apples next year. So with failing to produce anythi