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it takes as long as it takes

We live in a busy world, and London is busy squared. Its amazing how easy you get used to things being on tap, I can buy Lemongrass from Thailand at 2am at the supermarket; people get properly angry if they miss a train and have to wait 2 mins for another; I can buy a pizza online and the website keeps me updated while someone one makes it for me and the brings it to my house (as if knowing what stage of production my pizza is helps with getting it to my door faster). But now I'm waiting. I have 70l of cider in my kitchen thats refusing to do much but sit there. Its weird how much it gets to you. I'm trying to restrict lifting the lid and peering inside or giving the containers an encouraging shake, but its hard. After all it should be doing something. It should have been doing something days ago. All the books said it should. The mighty internet said it should. It did last time I tried. 2 days ago one of the demijohns cranked into life and lazily started producing some bubbl