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Year 7 Hanging in there

We start '22 largely as we started '21, newspapers rolling out a litany of depressing statistics and the threat of a lockdown looming large over us all.  However that dark cloud aside, from my point of view I've had a great year; loads of support from some great outlets adding The Other Cup in Newton Abbot as well as 'going national' thanks to the lovely people at Scrattings . As ever The Nobody In n down the road from the orchard, along with The Cridford Inn , the  Cider bar in Newton Abbot,  and Cafe Ode and T he Shipwrights Arms in Shaldon have been great. The wonderful A rt and Craft brewery continues to provide a London outlet for my Pet Nat.  COVID trapped me in the city last Christmas meaning I racked the bulk of the cider slightly later than I would have wanted. It felt so good to get down to Devon and into the shed. I left the cider on the lees longer than usual; until  the end of January although the results were good.  We had a cold end to spring/earl