New Years resolutions

I've been making cider for a few years now using apples donated by farmers down in Devon. It's amazing how many apples just end up rotting into the ground as people don't have the time to pick them up. I've learnt loads and created enough to keep me and my friends in booze. But my dream has always been to create something I can sell, so this year I'm going for it.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as taking a barrel and standing on a street corner.  I've spent the last few months jumping my way through all the various government-devised hoops to enable me to simply go and ask someone if they'll buy it off me.

This is very limited edition, it'll be a fair few years before I'm doing anything to scare Mr Magners or even cover my costs but everyone has to start somewhere. I'll put more down over the next few weeks about what's involved and ultimately, come April, if I can convince anyone to buy it. 

But right now, on the 4th of January, I'm in business!


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