Cider 2013

2013 turned out to be a good year. We've started to rack off the cider and the cider cupboard is changing as bottles replace demijohns. the whole lot is swathed is bubble wrap incase my  sparkling cider experiments are a little too enthusiastic (In which case bubble wrap probably won't be enough to save the day).

We're having our inaugural Ciderfest in a few weeks time to see what people think of the results. Having already had a snifter or two I don't think its pretty good (and damned potent), even if I do say so myself.

Two weeks ago I took 5l back to the farm i picked the apples from and entered a few bottles into the annual Orchardlink members day where i got best in class for my sparkling experiment and highly commended for my medium cider. not too bad. roll on next year!


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