Christmas is coming and we're off for a few days to celebrate. The cider that's been bubbling under the stairs for the last couple of months has slowed and the plops of bubbles rising are fewer and further between.

Easing out the bungs releases a delicious apply smell. We've racked all the containers, indulging in the geekery of ph's and specific gravities as well as numerous and more qualitative taste testes which made the whole afternoon a slightly tipsy blur. The process also got a bit messier as the afternoon progressed. While all the equipment was carefully sterilised, my aim with the siphon tube became poorer as we progressed following numerous taste tests, leaving  slightly sloppy kitchen floor.

And how did it taste? a little rough around the edges but pretty palatable. The demijohn's with blends worked better than the single variety versions but its all an experiment so we'll see how they evolve over time.

Now we wait. Everything's sitting there in the dark under the stairs. I'll filter off the Sloe Vodka after Christmas in time for New Years but the cider will have to wait for spring.


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