The benefit of waiting

I decanted half my first batch of cider just after Christmas. I put the other half into 3 Demijohns, I added sugar to two and put one somewhere warm and the other out in the cold. I put the remaining demijohn without sugar in the cold. I then left them for three and a half months.

Beyond the sugar there was no appreciable difference between the demijohns but it tasted a lot better than the first batch. There were few bubbles sneaking through in the demijophns while it was sitting but nothing like the first fementation. However there was something happening as there was a fair build up of sediment and the Cider tasted a lot better, smoother and less rougher around the edges.

I've now sulphated it and racked it off into a bag in a box. my wife is pregnant so its all the more for me. it really does pay to let it sit!


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