It's been a while, the weather has made the thought of leaving home a fairly miserable prospect, let alone schlepping all the way down to Devon. However a couple of weeks ago we took a long weekend and the weather gods smiled. We went to stay with some friends who'd traded London for a cottage in Cornwall and with the sun shining it was a fantastic advert for moving to the country. On the way down we did a spot of cider tasting at Truro Farmer's market before a long walk on the coast path a a BBQ on the beach. We drove back to Devon on Monday and spent the day de-brambling the wood and then weeding around the apple tree's.

All the new trees had survived planting and my enthusiastic pruning and were at different stages of growing leaves and coming into blossom. The Colloget Pippin's seem to be thriving the most (both the new one and the one I planted last winter) but it's early day's yet. The site used to be  largely covered with Nettles but a bit of Judicious spraying pre-planting and some concerted trimming and weeding seems to have knocked them back.

We also planted some bee friendly wildflower seeds, acquired courtesy of Friends of the Earth, up the top near the shed.

lets hope the weather continues to hold up...


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